Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cause of acne - Does a food allergy cause Acne in teenagers?

While there are various reasons for the cause of Acne or acne vulgaris, food allergies can be one among them. I was wondering how a food allergy can cause acne and so do many people. However, you need to understand that acne is a resulted phenomenon from within the skin and there are several factors acting under the skin which can trigger acne.

How does food allergies attribute to acne?
There are many food items which can cause food allergy to your skin. Food sensitivity and food intolerances can also be counted into this segment. When you take food which is allergic to your body, your body fails to recognize it as food and treats it as a virus or bacteria attacking your system. This would, in turn, lead to high inflammation resulting skin allergy and thereby acne in most people.

What are normal allergic food items?
In general, food allergy varies with person and person and cannot be attributed to one or two items. However, there are certain food items which are commonly involved in causing skin allergy like sea foods, shell foods and milk and dairy products. There are other items like egg and peanuts in addition to this list. Avoid taking these items in your breakfast or meal. If you are prone to acne, it is very important to identify food which can become a concern. At times, you might not be able to identify that certain food item is causing skin allergy and thereby triggering acne. However, it is important to identify these items and avoid them to prevent acne. Drinking water in adequate quantities is a best move to rejuvenate your skin cells.

If you are affected with acne, try to identify the exact cause for acne so that effective measures can be followed to efficiently combat this issue.

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Exfoliation – Acne skincare treatment

In my earlier post I was talking about cleansing products for acne skincare out of 4 methods of acne skincare treatments. In this blog, let us talk about the second method which is exfoliation. Most women take this exfoliation process very lightly and often skip it during their skincare routine. However, exfoliation process removes the dead cells on your skin to rejuvenate your body cells and make them healthy and shiny. This is one of the main reasons for men to have healthy and glowing skin as they perform exfoliation while shaving their beard.

There are different methods to perform exfoliation for acne skincare. The first method is to use a gentle scrub. This gentle scrub would remove the dead cells from the skin to keep the skin glowing. One thing to take care while scrubbing is purchasing of a scrub with tiny grains. If you use cheaper ones to save money, the larger grains on that scrub can cause damage to your skin, increasing your woes big time.

Another method is to go for a retinoid treatment. These retinoid elements clear the dead cells from the skin and make the skin glowing and healthy. They even strengthen the structural fiber of the cell. Few people use toners to remove the clogged dirt and moisture from the cells. However, this can be easily done with a cleanser in a better fashion. You can try exfoliation and see the difference it makes on your skin within a short period.

Friday, 1 July 2011

4 tips for Acne skincare

Acne or acne vulgaris is something which most people would experience at some point of time in their life. If you are one among those frustrated people who have used various creams and lotions to combat acne in vain, then you might have failed to understand the basic principles of acne skincare. There is a proper system to be used to treat acne in an effective manner. You need to choose the best acne treatment right from choosing the moisturizers and cleansers to using sun screen lotions. Here are 4 tips for acne skincare.

  •  Using the right cleansers
  •  Exfoliation tips
  •  Moisturizing solutions
  •  Applying sunscreen lotions

Let me talk about the cleansers to be used for your acne skincare in this post. The first and foremost aspect to consider is the selection of the right cleansers. Not all cleansers suit your skin. Understand the nature of your skin first. Be it oily, dry or medium skin, there is a cleanser for each skin type. Try different products and determine which the one your skin responds to is. You can purchase a cleanser of your choice at your nearest drug store and use them regularly. Apply the cream and wipe it off with cotton. Do not use water.

In addition you can use hot water to remove clogged dirt from the pores before applying the cleanser. Do not use water which is too hot or too cold. However, make sure not to use cleansers every day as they can dry out your skin.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Laser treatments for acne – An overview

Acne, as most teenagers fear, is not a dreadful disease or a frightening issue. It is a common thing among most teenagers and can be taken care easily. There are numerous acne treatments available today and there is no need to panic when you first notice a pimple or scar on you face or skin. Using cosmetics, home based treatments, moisturizers and herbal products and chemicals are few of acne treatments available to you. Laser treatments for acne are gaining popularity as they are technical, accurate and produce effective results in an efficient manner.

Laser treatments are simple medical procedures which treat acne in an efficient and quick manner. Moreover you don’t need to take additional medication after these laser treatments. Before proceeding with a laser treatment for acne, understand how acne occurs on the first note. Acne is most commonly caused by hormonal changes. An oily substance called sebum gets secreted from sebaceous glands which block the hair follicle root area and take the form of a white head. Laser treatments send a single laser beam onto this portion to cause these sebaceous glands to shrink. This would decrease the oil secretion onto the skin and thereby prevents acne in a better manner.

If you have scars on the skin formed due to acne, you can resurface your skin with these laser treatments. The upper layer of the skin is actually burnt and peeled off. When there is a new layer of skin formed, it is healthy and shining. Teenagers and other people who are worried about the scars left over by acne can undergo this laser treatment for acne and get rid of the scars for a glowing skin.

Laser treatments cost around $500 on an average and this cost can vary depending on the intensity of acne on your skin. One benefit with acne laser treatment is that you do not need purchase acne medication or undergo any other treatment for acne. The treatment is also accurate and very scientific. However, it is recommended to consult your dermatologist and take his opinion before proceeding with any acne treatments.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Common mistakes in acne treatments at home

Most people get worried about acne and try each and every possible treatment available in the market, especially teenagers. They try to use harsh or strong chemicals to get rid of acne. These chemicals would even worsen the situation and cause additional issues on your skin. Your skin needs moisture or oil and when you try to wipe out this oil with the help of chemicals, your skin gets dry and produces even more oil to add up to your woes. Choosing any moisturizer or cleaner should be based on the nature of your skin and if you choose a different, it would not help your skin in any way.

The first and foremost thing you need to understand is that acne is a common issue for everyone at one point or another. The primary reason for the formation of acne on your skin is because of dust and dirt. Wash your face multiple times in a day to remove the dirt and clear the pores so that the oil produced does not get transformed into acne. Drinking water in good quantities throughout the day is another tip. The best thing you need to do is to determine the nature of your skin first if it is oily or dry. Later you can choose the best acne treatment suitable for the nature of your skin. If your skin is sensitive, you need to be even more cautious in choosing skin care products as your skin would react quickly to these beauty care products.

Another reason for the formation of acne in women is hormonal imbalance. This should be taken care by medication. One mistake people make while undergoing acne treatments is discontinuation of medication. You should always continue to take medication and treatment as prescribed. Some people use over dose of medication which again results in side effects. Make sure to follow the prescribed treatment on a regular note. Acne is a common condition and can be treated with style.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Different types of Acne and Acne vulgaris treatments

Acne is a term which most people do not like, especially teenagers. With growing beauty conscious all over in recent times, more and more people are taking extra care about their skin and acne is a primary enemy of their skin. There are different kinds of acne and acne vulgaris is the primary one among them. Black heads, white heads, pustules and cysts are part of acne vulgaris condition. It can be mild, moderate and severe at times if proper care is not taken. It is very essential to start the best acne treatment when you notice acne vulgaris in a mild state. There are various acne vulgaris treatments to remove acne and repair your skin. However, before proceeding with these acne vulgaris treatments, understand the types of acne and the reason behind them.

Black Heads
A partially blocked pore is the main cause for the formation of black heads on your skin. Oil, bacteria and dead cells are trapped and drained to the surface of the skin resulting in a black colored area on your skin. The black color is the result of the reaction when skin pigments contact oxygen in the air. Black heads stay for a longer period and do not easily get removed. However, undertaking acne vulgaris treatments should easily take care of these black heads.

White Heads
A completely blocked pore caused a white head to be formed on the skin. Oils and bacteria are trapped in that region and the surface turns white. However, white heads can be easily removed with any acne skin products or acne vulgaris treatments.

Pustules are red circled inflammations and can become a great concern. Do not try to squeeze them as you may be causing more damage to your skin by doing so.

Papules are similar to pustules with a missing head.

If you identify acne and notice that it is getting worse day by day, do not neglect it and respond immediately to start acne vulgaris treatments for effectively removing acne and rejuvenating your skin cells in quick time.

How to treat acne with best acne skin products?

Acne has become a great concern for most teenagers in recent times. Be it a boy or a girl, everyone would surely come across acne at some point of time in their life. How wonderful it would be if you can have a backup skin similar to mozy carbonite data backup? But that is a dream. If you look at recent search engine trends, the majority of teenagers are searching for acne skin products and acne skin care products all over the world. There are millions of acne skin products available in the market which claims to remove acne and enhance the glow on your skin. However, most of them do not work and you end up spending hundreds of dollars on these inefficient acne skin care products. By the time you identify the best acne skin care product, you would lose a lot. Hence, it is very important to take a close look at these acne products and make sure that you purchase the best one.

If you identify acne and if it grows bigger and worse and days goes by, it is time that you need to take care of your skin. A beautiful and glowing skin would surely increase your energy levels and confidence big time. The first and foremost treatment to combat acne is to wash the area gently with warm water and soap. In addition to cleansing, apply good acne skin products which contain benzoyl peroxide as a main ingredient. You can find these acne skin care products in the nearest local pharmacy. Benzoyl peroxide is the best choice to kill the bacteria in the epidermis and regain healthy and glowing skin cells in that area.

In addition to acne skin care products, intake of proper diet is very essential. Make sure to avoid oily and junk food. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. If the situation still persists, contact your dermatologist who can prescribe good acne skin products for effective acne treatment.