Monday, 4 July 2011

Exfoliation – Acne skincare treatment

In my earlier post I was talking about cleansing products for acne skincare out of 4 methods of acne skincare treatments. In this blog, let us talk about the second method which is exfoliation. Most women take this exfoliation process very lightly and often skip it during their skincare routine. However, exfoliation process removes the dead cells on your skin to rejuvenate your body cells and make them healthy and shiny. This is one of the main reasons for men to have healthy and glowing skin as they perform exfoliation while shaving their beard.

There are different methods to perform exfoliation for acne skincare. The first method is to use a gentle scrub. This gentle scrub would remove the dead cells from the skin to keep the skin glowing. One thing to take care while scrubbing is purchasing of a scrub with tiny grains. If you use cheaper ones to save money, the larger grains on that scrub can cause damage to your skin, increasing your woes big time.

Another method is to go for a retinoid treatment. These retinoid elements clear the dead cells from the skin and make the skin glowing and healthy. They even strengthen the structural fiber of the cell. Few people use toners to remove the clogged dirt and moisture from the cells. However, this can be easily done with a cleanser in a better fashion. You can try exfoliation and see the difference it makes on your skin within a short period.

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