Thursday, 9 June 2011

Laser treatments for acne – An overview

Acne, as most teenagers fear, is not a dreadful disease or a frightening issue. It is a common thing among most teenagers and can be taken care easily. There are numerous acne treatments available today and there is no need to panic when you first notice a pimple or scar on you face or skin. Using cosmetics, home based treatments, moisturizers and herbal products and chemicals are few of acne treatments available to you. Laser treatments for acne are gaining popularity as they are technical, accurate and produce effective results in an efficient manner.

Laser treatments are simple medical procedures which treat acne in an efficient and quick manner. Moreover you don’t need to take additional medication after these laser treatments. Before proceeding with a laser treatment for acne, understand how acne occurs on the first note. Acne is most commonly caused by hormonal changes. An oily substance called sebum gets secreted from sebaceous glands which block the hair follicle root area and take the form of a white head. Laser treatments send a single laser beam onto this portion to cause these sebaceous glands to shrink. This would decrease the oil secretion onto the skin and thereby prevents acne in a better manner.

If you have scars on the skin formed due to acne, you can resurface your skin with these laser treatments. The upper layer of the skin is actually burnt and peeled off. When there is a new layer of skin formed, it is healthy and shining. Teenagers and other people who are worried about the scars left over by acne can undergo this laser treatment for acne and get rid of the scars for a glowing skin.

Laser treatments cost around $500 on an average and this cost can vary depending on the intensity of acne on your skin. One benefit with acne laser treatment is that you do not need purchase acne medication or undergo any other treatment for acne. The treatment is also accurate and very scientific. However, it is recommended to consult your dermatologist and take his opinion before proceeding with any acne treatments.