Monday, 25 April 2011

Different types of Acne and Acne vulgaris treatments

Acne is a term which most people do not like, especially teenagers. With growing beauty conscious all over in recent times, more and more people are taking extra care about their skin and acne is a primary enemy of their skin. There are different kinds of acne and acne vulgaris is the primary one among them. Black heads, white heads, pustules and cysts are part of acne vulgaris condition. It can be mild, moderate and severe at times if proper care is not taken. It is very essential to start the best acne treatment when you notice acne vulgaris in a mild state. There are various acne vulgaris treatments to remove acne and repair your skin. However, before proceeding with these acne vulgaris treatments, understand the types of acne and the reason behind them.

Black Heads
A partially blocked pore is the main cause for the formation of black heads on your skin. Oil, bacteria and dead cells are trapped and drained to the surface of the skin resulting in a black colored area on your skin. The black color is the result of the reaction when skin pigments contact oxygen in the air. Black heads stay for a longer period and do not easily get removed. However, undertaking acne vulgaris treatments should easily take care of these black heads.

White Heads
A completely blocked pore caused a white head to be formed on the skin. Oils and bacteria are trapped in that region and the surface turns white. However, white heads can be easily removed with any acne skin products or acne vulgaris treatments.

Pustules are red circled inflammations and can become a great concern. Do not try to squeeze them as you may be causing more damage to your skin by doing so.

Papules are similar to pustules with a missing head.

If you identify acne and notice that it is getting worse day by day, do not neglect it and respond immediately to start acne vulgaris treatments for effectively removing acne and rejuvenating your skin cells in quick time.

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